There’s a future behind the meter

The rapid deployment of DER’s is changing the way electricity is produced, delivered and consumed for the better. With more choices available to customers, GRE helps to navigate and provide a variety of DER options. Today, there is a market for demand power management that comes in the form of Class A mitigation measures – measures which can reduce delivered electricity costs for a business in half.

A practical, inexpensive and passive technology suitable for most distribution level connected businesses is roof top solar PV. In Ontario, the levelized cost of electricity generated from rooftop solar PV is less than the energy it displaces. As solar PV equipment costs continue to decline, the price gap continues to increase in favour of the consumer.

As we move toward new “net-zero” and “zero-carbon” building standards, the demand for solar PV will only continue to rise.
It’s clear to us at GRE that sustainable energy is now the lowest-cost producer of electrical energy providing a “win–win” opportunity for economics and the environment.

Connecting Developers to DER’s along the path of electrification

In Ontario, electricity purchased from the grid is over 90% carbon-free. With sustainable DER’s that work in tandem with the grid, we can improve even more; this is the path referenced by many as “electrification of the energy industry.” Today, electrification of energy in buildings is commercially viable in almost all building types.

GRE promotes electrification of buildings by using a combination of both grid and DER supplied electricity. DER’s can both supply and use electricity, such as a combination of Solar PV and air or ground source heat pumps, all of which are scalable to any building.

Working in tandem with our electricity grid ensures investments continue to be supported, but also sets up the customer for “Grid 2.0” adoption to leverage your DER assets as revenue streams.

Developers who recognize the value of entering the Ontario energy market with a trusted partner such as GRE will have their investment benefit from viable electrification technologies. GRE will help developers in a service provider capacity under our Power Systems multi-trade team offering, or with a Corporate Power Purchase Agreements, which allows the DER technology to be applied with the capital provided by GRE.

GRE’s Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

GRE has developed a power purchase agreement for sustainable electrical and thermal energy in which we own the energy asset such as a large rooftop solar development or energy storage development. This type of agreement supports client savings via reduced GA payments, peak demand costs, overall energy costs, and costs associated with infrastructure damage with grid instability.

This option provides the client with reduced, predictable energy costs, and can insulate from unpredictable fluctuations in the grid at a set monthly fee.